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Thursday, August 7, 2008

:: AWAY ::

hye there hunnies..sorry to tell that we'll be away for quite some time to find new supplier. hopefully not oversea to avoid delays like currently.. =(..means no order at the moment ya..subscribe to us and be updated once we're back online..sorry for any inconveniences caused..

Friday, July 25, 2008

:: notice::

to all dear buyers ( batch Early July) ....forgive us for item problem with custom...but items are now on their way to malaysia..should any feel uncomfortable and want refund, do email us a.s.a.p ya..
sorry for the inconveniences caused..isk..forgive us for the un-expected glitch.

and Thank You for those who understand...appreciate it so much..

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

LV Galliera PM - replica

Drooled over this handbag in latest magazine. I dont remember whether its in female or her world but this baby sure is hot. Found the high grade AA replica.Its Pre-order..but limited to 6 customer hurry! the best part?? you can pay deposit to secure order, pay balance once item arrive.

Actual price : RM 4,169 ( convert pound to ringgit)

price : upon request-below RM400 ( email me
waiting time : 5-9days excluding weekends.
reservation fee : email me for details.

status : only 1 left for reservation. ( as at 25/7/08)

Thursday, June 5, 2008


No closing date...

hunnies, its if you cant wait, simply dont order ya...around 7-14days ..if by chance, its earlier, then good la, innit?

*if using courier service to import, the price will be increased even more, thus im using localpost courier to cut cost ya..that explain the longer period.

*modelled pic credits to thanx!

colours: hot pink , grey, baby blue , baby pink , electric blue, white , green , blue , white , red , yellow, black

measurements :
Top to Bottom ; around 74cm
sleeve ; around 50cm
shoulder across ; around 40cm .

*its a bit stretchy at first, but will stretch to comfort after several wear cause its pure cotton. =) recommended for size S-L.

*modelled pic credits to!

colours : hot pink , baby blue , baby pink , electric blue , green , blue , white , red , yellow , purple , black

measurement :
Top to Bottom ; around 74cm
sleeve ; around 50cm
shoulder across ; around 40cm .

*a bit thin pure cotton. stretchy at first..but will settle down after few wear..Recommended for size S-L ( L size person should wear darker hue though..)

*white, black, grey, red & electric blue are the most sought after colours for both designs..

pre-order : ON

Thursday, May 29, 2008

newly listed

canary yellow? its sooo IN. ( item L01)

size : free
length : 75cm
price: RM55
status : SOLD

executive-like? u betcha. plus the vibrant colour instead of boring black. ( item L02)

*something similar worn by sharifah shawati..its cotton, sweat-friendly rather than silk..

Lenght: 53cm, Chest: 32-36" , Waist: 24-30"

price : RM55

status : available

okay..its not the IN canary yellow..but the buttons on the sleeve hem is cuteee..and kinda victorian likee..

material : stretchy cotton
size : fits S & M
lenght : refer pic

status : SOLD OUT
price : RM 39.90 ( ready stock)

suweeeettt........but to be honest, no white clothing piece is not see-thru okay..have to wear an extra undergarment no matter if its stated has lining. im an honest seller...theehee

material : cotton
size : S
lenght : below knee..( depends on your height to be exact..)
no strap thus not adjustable, and not stretchable...

status : SOLD
price : RM43.90 hun ( ready stock)

shirtdress...feminity with a hint of masculine...comes with belt.

material : cotton

size: fits S & M

bust : 80-88cm

length : refer picture

* thats all the masurement provided ya'll....i suppose u can evaluate looking at the pic eh?

status : SOLD-BLACK
price : RM43.90 hun ( ready stock)

bow tie shirt? it screams FEMININE. but looks tough eh? to be taken more seriously perhaps?

material : cotton ( not stretchable ya...)

shoulder : 35cm

cuff : 22cm

sleeve lenght : 55cm

chest : 90cm

lenght : 52cm

status : SOLD

Price : RM43.90 hun ( ready stock)

Hearts?! lovely...nuff said

material : cotton

shoulder : 44cm-52cm ( stretchy )

cuff : 17cm

sleeve length : 22cm

chest : 88cm - 104cm

hip & waist : 80cm - 90cm

length : 75cm

status : SOLD
price : RM39.90 hun ( ready stock) - white colour only..

Thursday, May 22, 2008

: Coach Hobo ::

new replica coach hobo in brown. comes with u.s.a original certificate and dustbag.

leather-like material. full logo inner lining.

very spacious and pretty.. dont u think??

discounts available should u dont want the certificate.. seriously..

Was : RM200 NOW : RM180
status : oops! reserved to ann.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


we'll be away till next week to update new stocks.

subscribe with us and be among the first to know.dont let it go away before u can even read through the happened isnt it? heehee

million thanks!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

hireyi hireyi

new clothes updates
pre-order closing date :
free size
bust 80-88cm
length : slightly below rear
-sold -out of stock-
got tons of request for this pretty unfortunately hun, its not re-stockable..isk

free size
bust 86-102cm
length : thigh level
-sold-out of stock-

free size
bust 80-88cm
length : slightly below rear
-sold- out of stock-

free size
bust 80-88cm
length : slightly below rear
-sold- out of stock-

free size
bust size : 80-88cm
length : slightly below rear
-sold-out of stock-

click here to place order / enquiries

Wallets For May

RM150 including shipping ( SOLD)

RM150 including shipping ( SOLD)

RM150 including shipping (SOLD)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

April Stock - Handbags

This is grade AAA replica with certs. RM300 -SOLD-

This is original. click to check :

this is grade AAA replica with certs. RM300

This is original. Click to check

this is grade AAA replica with certs. RM300 -SOLD-

This is original. Click to check

Friday, April 11, 2008

April Stock - Makeup

Chanel Coffret -SOLD-

My Givenchy - Eau De Toilette -SOLD-

Nars Compact -SOLD-

Nars - Fushia & Purple -SOLD-

Nars - Gold & Brown -SOLD-

Bobbi Brown Clear Lipgloss -SOLD-

Bobbi Brown Pink Lipgloss [front] -SOLD-

Bobbi Brown Pink Lipgloss [back] -SOLD-

Bobbi Brown Compact [black case] -SOLD-

Bobbi Brown Compact [white case] -SOLD-

* Price includes western union transfer (RM12-RM30 : depends on KLSE index)

* Price includes shipping (RM15-RM30)

* Total price will be in RM. Price upon request. Please email me ( will not be more than RM300- guaranteed)

* CERTIFICATE included. See previous post for picture.

* Cosmetics are 98% new un-touched, un-opened. They're defects item from factory. Email for price.